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Devlog #4: The Reason of References Ghost in Indonesia

Halloha !

There are many lore and stories closely embedded in tradition and culture that is passed down from word of mouth through generations from every corner of Indonesia and are still believed to this day.

The spirits and mystical creatures in “Who is He Let Me Out” are representations of Indonesia’s variety of ghosts with unique origins that are aligned with the game’s story. one of the Indonesian ghosts that we raised in this game is “KUYANG”.

Let us tell you these exciting tales of mystical creatures! Because everything has a reason and a tale behind it

This spirit from Borneo is described as a flying head with a hanging organ that is visible without being covered in a body, it goes around the village looking for prey. She really likes to eat fetuses just to feel youthful.


This is prototype character in Who is He: Let Me Out game called Kala Koejang


“Kuyang” is a very interesting character to adopt into Indonesian’s games and is expanded with the developer’s creativity. 

it had some uniqueness in her unusual body shape like a dangling intestine and open and hanging internal organs. 


But there are some things which are changed in the creation of the Kuyang character in this game. That are added are the ribs that come out to form 4 fangs and the way is like a spider. 
And the rest have a very scary smile until the head is a little bald.

Well, I guess that’s plenty to tell you about this village’s backstory, hehe! is it intriguing enough for you? Yes, I believe so!
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i’d be love and happy to sharing the unique story with you guys 
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see you in the next Devlog!

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