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Let Me Out: A Mystery Puzzle Game Set in Indonesia

Let Me Out is a mystery puzzle game set in Indonesia in which you play as Alvin, a 10-year-old indigo child. The game is developed by Gamtropy Studio and published by Urocyon Games. Let’s dive into the game’s features and gameplay!

Discover Indonesia’s Mythology

The game’s storyline is set in an ancient village in Indonesia, where Alvin wakes up from a nightmare to find that everyone is gone, including his mother. As Alvin, you must explore the cursed village and find out what happened to your mother while evading demons that appear out of nowhere.

Brew Potions to Exorcize Demons

One of the unique features of Let Me Out is the ability to brew potions to exorcize the demons. Players must find the necessary ingredients and follow the instructions in their guidebook to make the right potions to exorcize the demons that appeared in the village.

Solve Puzzles with Your Sister

Alvin’s little sister, Jane, accompanies him throughout the game as a spirit. Players can whistle to call upon Jane’s help, and she provides hints and clues to solve puzzles. Players must work together with Jane to uncover the truth behind the village’s curse and find a way out.

Explore with Poko, Your Pet Spider

Players can take control of Alvin’s pet spider, Poko, to explore areas and reach objects that Alvin cannot access. Players must use both Alvin and Poko’s abilities to progress through the game and solve puzzles.

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