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Devlog#6: As a Dubber Character Game


As a 4happy voice actor/dubber in the game characters “Who is He : Let Me Out“,
now let’s talk about being as a Dubber in game and how i created a unique voice according to each character, okay happyzah !! Because..? everything has a reason and a tale behind it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Basically, I really love watching Disney cartoons. I’m interested in the voices of each character who are cute and have emotional uniqueness. intonation of voice that can attract the attention all of audience. Long story short, it was be a hobby that entertains myself. 

When i’m bored or acted like an idiot gurl, i start used to fill my spare time by following and filling in the voices for each character. Yeah dubbing can cheer me up !, it was like.. the weird sound and annoying but, really tickles my body HAHA. 

 Funfact !

 “Frozen” the first animation voice dubbing that ever i did. they have a cutiepie voice and cheers me up.


Then, I started to realize that “Dubbing” is a new skill that I managed to cultivate
cartoon after Frozen, Hotel Transylvania, Shizuka, Barbie, and recently the animated series Upin and Ipin.
Yeahh let’s just say it’s a hidden privilege hahah !


Okay, let’s continue to the voice character who is he let me out, namely Alvin. This character is a character that at first was quite difficult for me to create the voice of a boy with a brave and mature nature, but still stands at his age who is still around 13 years old. If in Indonesia enter Elementary School (SMP)


Since I was previously flexible with female voices, it was a challenge for me to create a boy voice. and i did it ! 


I’m not very good at dubbing theoretically, but this material can be my own version of creating a distinctive sound for each character:

    in looking for the characteristics of a character’s voice, first, we must identify the characteristics of the character, starting with Who?, How the character is it?, How old is he/she? and what is his/her Zodiac? hahah this one seems a bit weird, but the Zodiac can explain it to the fans Who want to know other properties that are generally possessed by these types of Zodiac. 
    Imagining what the character looks like in the way he/her talks, How his body moves when he/her communicates.
    What i noticed, everyone starting a conversation has their own basic tone some of the high D or low D note, amm like a singer, everyone has a basic note when they start singing. 
    Well, the dubbing is the same, this character is suitable starting from what tone will be the benchmark in starting a conversation. for example, hoarse, wet, authoritative, soft, shrill, or other according to the nature of the character that is built. 

    When you dubbing, it takes emotion that can build acting:
    1. Acting itself is one of the toold whisch supports the continuity of a drama show.
    2. Vowel
    so vocal is a mouthpiece to convey the contents of a performance, the meaning of vocal in this case is divided into two, namely strength and arcticulation.

    Gestures greatly affect all activities of the actor/dubber. 
    When we begin to dubbing character, i think, gestures are very  important in understanding the role and building a better atmosphere and entering the world of the role we imagine. 

WELL,, !

I guess thatโ€™s plenty to share you about my experience creating a unique voice character to be jump into a dubber game xixi ! is it intriguing enough for you? Yes, I believe so! 
if you want to play the Who is He: Let Me out Games, iโ€™d be love and happy to sharing the unique story with you guys and if you want to see more about our content, you can visit on our twitter : ;))

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see you in the next Devlog!


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